1. When you see him walking down the street with his hands stuffed deep in his pockets looking like he hasn’t slept in a week, don’t hesitate. Keep walking. Show him that you can function without him holding your hand.
2. Find a new coffee shop to frequent. Forget about the place you used to go to with him, with the stiff chairs and rude baristas. Forget how he would always order a soy chai lattè with extra foam for you. Instead, order a triple shot and remember what it was like to taste something other than his tongue.
3. Wear black more often. Trust me on this one.
4. Don’t burn the letters he wrote you. Instead hide them away in the back of your closet. Take them out when you’ve found someone who loves you and isn’t afraid to show it. There are reasons why it didn’t work out. You’ll understand.
5. Sit in a park by yourself on a sunny day. When you see a couple laughing, don’t hate them. Don’t let them make you sour. Smile because you know one day that may be you. Smile because one day you will be happy again.
6. Buy yourself flowers. Treat yourself to lunch. Take yourself out on a date. You don’t need a man to prove that you are worthy of living. Breathe and just do whatever the fuck you want to do.
7. When he calls you at 2am, don’t answer. He always knew what to say to make your better judgement turn to mush. He had his chance. People rarely change. Remember that.
8. Three years from now you will still think about his breath on your neck. You will still think about the way his eyes wrinkled when he laughed. You will still think about how badly he wanted you in the beginning. It may still hurt. But you will survive. Let him be a memory. Don’t allow a ghost to turn your heart to stone.

-“8 ways to get over someone who doesn’t love you back” l.m.  (via morninghype)

I just reread this and realized I haven’t been taking my own advice. I need to be who I was when I wrote this

(via morninghype)

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So I decided to quit my job right before Christmas (aka right before I leave for Europe) because it honestly stresses me the fuck out and I’ve had several breakdowns bc of it. I’ve been in position for over a year; I’m honestly really proud of how far I’ve come. But my mom constantly gives me shit about not being able to find another job and how when she was my age she went to school and worked full time. I don’t think that she understands the severity of my mental health issues. It’s just fucking hard when nothing is good enough.

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